About Us

Cimab-sa is a bodybuilding site that is dedicated to helping you find the right supplements for yourself so that you can take the natural route to gain muscle and burn fat, acquire better muscle definition and increase your strength and stamina.

For long, bodybuilders and gymgoers have been using steroids that are not only illegal but also potentially dangerous to their overall health. It is known that long-term use of steroids can cause internal organ damage which at times is irreparable and can prove fatal. What is worse is that once you start using steroids you tend to get hooked on to them. Watching your muscle grow rapidly gives you a massive high making you yearn for more growth. This is a vicious cycle and tends to begin taking a toll on your health much before you realize it.

Many professional bodybuilders have now spoken up against using steroids.

Nick Jenkins began Cimab-sa.com as a complete resource guide for bodybuilders and gymgoers like yourself looking for ways to gain muscle or burn fat with the help of natural or safe steroid alternatives.

Our Writers

At Cimab-sa we believe in teamwork and have a couple of writers who write detailed and researched articles about various steroids, SARMs, and other bodybuilding and weight loss topics so as to help you know more about these.

Nick Jenkins

Nick has been training for more than fifteen years now and has vast experience in the field. He is someone who tried steroids himself early in his early days and started noticing growth. However, it wasn’t long before he started noticing side effects too. That’s when he decided to quit steroids and look for natural supplements that could help him gain both muscle and strength without the side effects of steroids.

In his own words…

“I started training at the early age of 19 and was soon introduced to Dianabol by my gym instructor. Even though I made early gains with it, I also began noticing a couple of side effects by the end of the first cycle. One of the first side effects that I began noticing was thinning of my hair. At 19, I did not want to lose hair and started looking for natural supplements to gain muscle.

Over the years, I found that gains made naturally are longer lasting and even if you stop training for a couple of months, you do not really lose all that you gained. Having said that, I noticed that a couple of my gym buddies would lose their muscle gains when they stopped training or took a break in between.

The supplement scene has changed dramatically over the past few years. While I am highly impressed with KAGED brand (from Kris Gethin) and its range of pre-workouts and post-workout protein, brands such as Brutal Force and Crazy Bulk have also left me surprised with the results that they can help achieve in the gym.

On this site, you will find a lot of product reviews as well as information on various steroids cycles along with their benefits and side effects so that you can well-understand what you could be expecting from a particular steroid and what kind of dangers it poses to your health.

I take my job of researching various steroids and SARMs quite seriously so that I can really help you find the right supplements for yourself. Over the years, some of my regular readers have become great friends who keep getting back for more information on various bodybuilding-related topics that I love to write about!”

Mohd Tanveer Quraishi

Tanveer, author of Steroids 101 is the chief editor of this site and is someone who has been training for close to two decades now. He takes a deep interest in all the reviews put up on this site and keeps updating and editing them from time to time as per the latest information available.

“I love my job at Cimab-sa. What keeps me going is this insatiable desire to give my readers the latest information on various aspects of bodybuilding including the latest supplements that can help them get outstanding results from their workouts while being safe at the same time.

Steroids should be considered a passe now. They can help you gain muscle and strength but can also wreak havoc on your internal organs. Many professional bodybuilders have lost their lives at a young age because of steroid use and abuse.

Your main goal should be to enjoy the whole process of getting jacked and muscular while improving your overall health and well-being. Old school bodybuilding was exactly what we need to focus on. At the same time, changing your workout techniques and using safe and legal supplements should be encouraged among bodybuilders and gymgoers, both young and old.

Both Nick and I are passionate about our job and are trying hard to expand our time to meet the needs of our growing readership.”