GW 50156 Cardarine Review

In this GW 50156 Cardarine Review, you will find out all about its benefits, side effects, as well as natural and legal alternatives that you can use to get ripped and chiseled like a Greek God!

What is GW 50156 Cardarine?

Cardarine, also known as GW 50156 or Endurobol is wrongly presumed to be a SARM. As a matter of fact, it is a PPARδ receptor agonist which stands for Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta agonist.

Some of the main benefits of this compound could include enhanced endurance, fat loss, and improved cardiovascular health.


GW 50156 is a compound that came into existence back in the early 1990s through the joint effort of Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline in order to combat cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. I must mention here that Ligand is the same company that incepted LGD 4033 Ligandrol.

However, all the studies were stopped on this compound in 2007 when it was found that the rats who were given this compound developed cancer.

Gw 50156 Cardarine review

Even though studies on this compound were abandoned, bodybuilders and athletes continued using it mainly because it helps them burn fat and enhance endurance, which happen to be two of the most coveted benefits for gymgoers. Some people also use it to improve their cardiac health.

At this point, I would like to make it clear that Cardarine or GW 50156 is on the list of banned substances of WADA or the World Anti-Doping Agency.

How Does GW 50156 Cardarine Work?

One of the most important functions of Cardarine is that it binds to the PPARδ receptor which helps trigger some important biological processes in the body and these could include:

  • Improved oxidative capacity in the muscles – What it means is that it can help increase fat loss as well as boost endurance. This is what makes it so appealing to the majority of bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Changing the energy source of your body from glucose to fat – This is yet another factor that makes it so popular with athletes and sportspersons since enhances endurance is one of the direct benefits of this suppression of the glucose metabolism.

By suppressing glucose metabolism in your body, Cardarine makes it use fat as the primary source for energy. This is what makes you lose body fat faster. No wonder, most gymgoers and weight-watchers also take a keen interest in this compound.

Is GW 50156 Cardarine Legal?

I must mention here that Cardaine is legal to buy in most countries around the world including the US. GW 50156 is sold legally as a “research chemical” and is not meant to be sold for human consumption. It has not been approved by the FDA for use in human beings.

As far as Australia is concerned, rules are quite different where you cannot buy it without a doctor’s prescription.

Cardarine in Sports

One of the most important implications of Cardarine is that it gives athletes and sportspersons an unfair advantage to those that consume it over those that do not. This is why it has been banned by sports bodies around the world including the Olympics as well as WADA. It is on the list of banned substances of USADA (the United States Anti Doping Agency) and ASADA (the Australian Anti-Doping Agency) as well.

Gw 50156 Cardarine review

Cardarine Benefits

As mentioned above, Cardarine is simply great for fat loss and getting ripped. It is also highly effective for improving endurance and cardiovascular performance.

To summarize, here are the main benefits of Cardarine:

  • Faster fat burning
  • Improved Endurance
  • Better cardio health and performance
  • Better kidney and liver health

Faster Fat Burning

Most people including bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as well as sportspersons and athletes who try Cardarine are interested in its fat loss benefits and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be.

There are two main ways in which Cardarine can help speed up fat burning in your body making you lose fat even from the most stubborn areas. Here’s how it works:

  • Increases Oxidative Capacity of your muscles – One of the most important benefits of Cardarine is that it can help boost the flow of oxygen to the muscles, giving you more power to workout or train. Longer and harder workouts also means that you are able to burn more calories resulting in faster and better fat loss.
  • Suppresses Glucose Metabolism – This is yet another important feature of Cardarine. It switches the energy source of your body to fat from glucose. What it means is that it helps your body burn fat directly instead of burning off already stored excess glucose. This is actually quite similar to what a ketogenic diet does to your body. Thus, it can help you get all the benefits of a keto diet without you actually going on a diet!

Facts Supported by Clinical Studies

One of the most important things about these fat loss facts mentioned above is that they are substantiated by a couple of clinical studies.

One of the studies conducted on rats concluded that the rats that were given GW 50516 lost 5% body fat within the stipulated time.

Another study conducted on 13 obese men revealed that just 2.5 mg of Cardarine help reduce their LDL, triglycerides and fatty acids. Even though the size of the study was fairly small, the men did notice significant difference improvement in their cardiac health with the help of this compound.

Anecdotal evidence shows that most people are 5-7% leaner (reduced body fat) after an 8-week Cardarine cycle. The best part is that this compound can help you lose weight even when you are on a calorie maintenance diet or even a slight calorie surplus.

However, for best results, it is recommended that you combine Cardarine with a calorie deficient diet.

When it comes to burning excess fat in your body or while trying to lose weight is it imperative to understand that your diet and training play a pivotal role. Coupled with a right diet and regular training you can get great results from a GW 50156 cycle. It can also be stacked with other cutting SARMs for quick and better results.

Improved Endurance

Just the way Cardarine burns fat in two ways, it also helps boost endurance in two uniquely different ways and these include:

  • By switching the energy source from glucose to fat in your body
  • By increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

I must mention here that both of the above help to increase endurance manifold. By burning stored fat in your body, Cardarine not only boosts your energy but also helps increase flow of oxygen to the muscle which means it delivers raw power and strength so that you can train harder and longer, delaying fatigue in the process.

You would be amazed to know that a single Cardarine dosage can boost your endurance by as much as 60% in just 10 minutes!

Isn’t that amazing!

The best part is that this is a benefit that has been substantiated by a clinical study conducted on rats. According to this study, rats that were given GW 50156 showed a 50-70% increase in their endurance levels as compared to rats that were not given anything. In other words, rats that were fed with Cardarine took twice as long to get tired as those that were not given anything.

Improved Endurance

Does this make Cardarine suitable for athletes?

Absolutely! All athletes try to boost their endurance levels and here we have a compound that can do precisely that. Having said that, using Cardarine gives professional athletes an unfair advantage over others. This is why it has been banned by most sports and athletic bodies around the world. Lance Armstrong is a classic example of an athlete who was known to have used Cardarine and Stenabolic in order to win Tour de France 7 times!

Now, a few important things to know:

  • First of all, you are likely to experience an increase in your endurance level just 30 minutes after your first dosage.
  • Secondly, your endurance will further improve as you train harder week after week when on GW 50156 cycle.
  • Finally, you should be able to keep most of this boost in endurance post Cardarine cycle if you continue to train hard and run.

It is not uncommon for most users to see their endurance levels jump 50-60% almost instantly with Cardarine. Now, this could be great for both athletes as well as bodybuilders.

While athletes and sportspersons would find that they can run for an extra mile right after the first dosage. So, if someone can run for 2 miles without this compound, he should be able to run 3 miles right after the first dosage. It has been compared to having an extra lung, giving you more power and strength to train or workout.

Bodybuilders also experience the benefit of enhanced endurance while lifting weights. They are not just able to lift heavier but also need to rest for a lesser timer in between sets. 

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The main focus of research Cardarine was to find a cure for cardiovascular diseases. 

Interestingly enough, studies and trials on rats showed that GW 50156 bears a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The rats that were given this compound showed improvement in their blood vessels along with a reduction in inflammation.

One of the most important benefits of Cardarine is that GW 50156 can help clear up blood vessels even when consumed in smaller dosages. This helps a great deal in cutting short the risk of having a heart attack and other cardiac ailments. Here it is important to mention that GW 50156 can be highly effective at removing plaque from your blood vessels.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most bodybuilders who do hard steroids such as Trenbolone take Cardarine to keep their hearts in good health.

Improved Liver and Kidney Health

This is an important benefit and not many people are actually aware of this. Cardarine bears a positive impact on both your liver and kidneys. This is what makes it so different from most anabolics that are toxic to the liver or kidneys.

As far as the kidneys are concerned, Cardarine helps reduce inflammation. Not just this, studies claim that it also help lower the possibility of developing kidney diseases.

Cardarine is also highly effective in reducing inflammation in the liver. As stated above, it also shifts energy source from glucose to fat and this has a positive impact on Insulin resistance in your body. This is how it tends to improve liver function in your body and is supposed to be greatly beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

GW 50156 Cardarine Side Effects

Now, that you are aware of the benefits of Cardarine, let’s have a look at some of the side effects of this compound.

Cardarine has been subject to a lot of clinical studies and trials and till now only one major side effect has been observed which is:

  • Accelerated growth of cancerous tumors in the body.

Back in 2007 GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) conducted a study on rats and it was concluded that it lead to the growth of cancerous tumors in them. However, many people were quick to dismiss the results of this study quoting that absurd dosages of Cardarine were fed to rats during the course of the study.

Not just this, in the same year a lot of other studies were conducted which revealed contradictory results, making things even more controversial.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into this…

Cardarine Cancer

A lot of people seem to fear that they can get cancer if they start using Cardarine even though it might be a great solution to getting leaner with more muscle mass. The real question, however, is “Are you really at risk of getting cancer after a GW 50156 cycle?”

One of the most important things to note in this regard is that as of 2021 there have been zero cases of cancer resulting from a Cardarine cycle.

Let’s get a bit deeper into it and find out what the real truth is…

As mentioned above, there was a study that established a link between Cardarine and cancer and was responsible for the discontinuation of this compound in 2007.

Contrary to this, there are a couple of other studies done in 2016 and 2018 (1st study, 2nd study, 3rd study). These studies not only highlight the fact that Cardarine is safe when taken in normal dosages but also show that it is a compound that bears anti-cancer properties.

In order to better understand the correlation between cancer and Cardarine, we need to understand how cycle length and dosages can be major factors:

cardarine cancer

Cycle Length and Dosages Given To Rats in 2007 Study

Even though a lot of people say that the rats were given atrociously high dosages such as 50, 70, or even 100 times the recommended dosage, the fact of the matter is that they were fed just about 4 times bigger than the recommended dosages.

One of the major issues, however, was that they were given this dose for 104 weeks which is really really long. The recommended cycle is just 8 weeks and 104 weeks seem like 13 times more than the average cycle.

Thus, you must keep in mind that it took 4 times higher dosage and 13 times longer cycle for cancer to show up in rats!

In other words, if you stick to a normal dose for an 8-week cycle, you should be absolutely fine with no sign of cancer at all.

Let’s check out some other studies that confirm this:

Cardarine Has Anti-Cancer Properties – Study

This long study on Cardarine established that Cardarine does not cause cancer even at high dosages when taken for a short cycle.

This is quite an extensive study and you must try to read it in detail by visiting the link above. For those of you, who do not have as much time, I would summarize that this study proved that Cardarine does not lead to the growth of cancerous tumors even at high dosages when they were given this compound for a normal period of time. More importantly, this compound was shown to possess some amazing anti-cancer properties within this period of trial.

During this study, rats were given dosages that could be compared to a 90 kg person consuming 154 mg of Cardarine a day. Now, this can be claimed as a very high dosage but even at this level, the rats did not show any signs of cancer development for a period of 7 days.

This implies that a high dose of Cardarine taken for a short or normal period of time is not likely to cause cancer. At the same time, it could be assumed that the rats that got cancer as a part of the 2007 study got it either because of an absurd cycle length (104 weeks) and not alone because of the high dosage. It could also be assumed that they got cancer because of the combination of these two factors.

Cardarine Cancer – Conclusion

To sum up things, I would say that yes, Cardarine can cause cancer but only when it is taken in abnormally high dosages (such as over 40 mg per day) and for a longer duration of time. 

But you need to play it with a better sense and if you do so, you should be able to get great results with Cardarine. The line of action to follow is to stick to a normal dose for a short cycle (say about 8 weeks).

I must mention here that till now no cancer cases have been documented in humans due to Cardarine consumption and one of the reasons behind this is that nobody would be taking GW 50156 for a period as long as 104 weeks!

Human Trials Related To Cardarine

There have been a couple of studies linked to human consumption and fortunately, none of them seem to suggest that cancer could be a side effect of Cardarine.

Here are these studies for your reference – 2007 Study, 2011 Study, and 2012 Study

Interestingly, none of the studies showed that Cardarine is toxic to the liver. As a matter of fact, no liver damage was noticed in either of the three studies leading to the conclusion that Cardarine is safe for your liver.

Even more interesting is the fact that a couple of significant and positive changes were noticed in HDL, cholesterol, and triglycerides. What it implies is that Cardarine is supposed to be good for your cardiac health and function. Furthermore, 2011 and 2012 studies revealed that Cardarine can improve insulin sensitivity as well as lead to a decline in fatty acids up to 20%.

What is worth noting is that the subjects of these studies noticed a massive improvement in their body composition. Having said that, metrics with regards to body fat were not captured, and thus, there is no clear data with regards to changes in body fat percentage.

I must highlight the fact here that some groups in the human trials mentioned here were given dosages of 10 mg per day for as much as 12 weeks. In spite of an extended cycle, they did not experience any side effects.

Thus, it is safe to say that you can consume a 10-15 mg dose of Cardaine for an 8-week cycle without fearing any side effects.

GW 50156 Cardarine PCT

One of the important things that you need to keep in mind which talking about PCT is that Cardarine is not a SARM. More importantly, it is non-hormonal and thus, it does not suppress testosterone production in your body.

What it all implies is that you do not require a PCT for GW 50156 Cardarine.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that PCT is something rather serious when you don’t need it, you should not have it. It’s neither recommended nor advised to play with your hormones!

GW 50156 Cardarine PCT

Cardarine Dosage

The dosage generally depends upon your experience. If you are first-times then you should start with a daily dose of 10 mg and gradually increase it. I would recommend a dose of 10-25 mg per day to see the results.

Since a dose within such a range is not shown to result in cancer through studies and trials, it is recommended that you stay within this range.

Moreover, it is best to cycle Cardarine for just 8-weeks. Even though some people go up to a 12-week cycle, I would suggest that you limit it to just 8-weeks since it is safe there’s no likelihood of any side effects.

Cardarine Half-Life

Half-life is the time for which this compound is going to stay in your system and Cardarine is largely known to have a half-life of 24 hours, Thus, it is recommended that you must have a dose of Cardarine once every 24 hours.

However, I must mention here that a couple of later studies have shown that Cardarine is likely to stay in your body for 10-24 hours after consumption. Thus, it is better to split your daily dosage into two parts.

Thus, you can half of the daily dosage in the morning and the next half in the evening.

In other words, if you are consuming 20 mg per day then you may consume 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg 12 hours later in the evening.

When Do The Effects of Cardarine Kick In?

As mentioned above, the effects of Cardarine kick in within a short period of time of consuming it. Let’s find out more about it…

With Respect to Endurance

When it comes to endurance, Cardarine starts showing results in as little as 20 minutes right after the first dosage. This surge in endurance lasts throughout the cycle. This effect gradually begins waning off once you are done with the cycle. However, you can keep this effect intact if you do a lot of cardio exercises even after the cycle. In other words, you can keep your endurance levels high post cycle by including a lot of cardio in your workout.

As a matter of fact, this increase in endurance is one of the best indicators to know that the Cardarine you are taking is pure or fake. This is because if you do not notice any increase in your endurance after having 25 mg a day, it is most likely to be a fake product.

You can also combine Cardarine and RAD 140 for a quick increase in endurance and strength.

With Respect to Improved Heart Health

Even though improvement in your cardiac health is not as prompt as an increase in endurance (which is understandable), you are likely to notice an improvement within 2 weeks in your cycle. Though there’s no other way to find it out other than a blood test, you can be sure of experiencing an improvement in your cardiac health.

People using anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone (which are hard on the heart) often use this compound to mitigate the effects on their cardiac health and ensure better heart function. GW 50156 is likely to bring about a positive impact on your blood pressure, lipid profile, and cholesterol levels within a week or so.

With Respect To Fat Loss

Cardarine enjoys popularity mostly because it can help with fat loss. However, this is an effect that takes a bit longer to kick in as compared to an increase in endurance or an improvement in cardiovascular health.

Having said that, you should be able to notice a fat loss 2 to 3 weeks into the cycle. Moreover, if you train harder and keep a tab on your diet, you would be able to notice the difference much sooner.

Where To Buy Cardarine GW 50156?

While there are a couple of brands selling Cardarine, you can never be sure of their quality since they are not approved by FDA for human consumption. It is better to try a natural, safe and legal alternative that mimics the effects of Cardarine without any side effects.

This is what Cardalean from Brutal Force is all about. It is 100% natural and legal and you can order it online without a prescription. It mimics Cardarine and helps you get all the benefits of the real GW 50156 without any of its negative or serious side effects. It does not even require a PCT and can be combined with other legal SARMs for faster and better results.

LEGAL GW 50156

Cardalean from Brutal Force

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Cardalean from Brutal Force is a perfect alternative to Cardarine that is formulated with all-natural ingredients. It is 100% legal and safe and has no side effects.

It boosts fat burning in your body and also enhances endurance amazingly so that you can train harder and longer in the gym or in the field. Moreover, it can help increase vascularity too, making it a great choice for bodybuilders trying to cut and harden their muscles with veins popping up all over their muscles.

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  • No injections required
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  • Helps enhance endurance
  • No side effects
  • No PCT required
  • Not for those who want actual SARM
  • Not for those that have a medical condition
  • Not for those below 18

Ripped Cutting StackStack

It can be stacked with other legal SARMs and one of the most popular stacks is:

Ripped Cutting Stack – This stack consists of:

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Enduro Lean from JuicedUpp

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Enduro Lean, as mentioned above, mimics Cardarine without any side effects. It can help cut and burn fat quickly so that you can get a chiseled body. One of the most important benefits is that it does not suppress testosterone or lead to any androgenic side effects such as hair loss, acne, etc.

It is great for increasing strength, energy, and endurance so that you can train harder for longer.

It can help burn even the last layer of fat giving you enhanced definition and improved vascularity. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients such as Dioscorea nipponica, Ginseng, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Acetyl-l-carnitine, L-citrulline, Tribulus Terrestris, etc.

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Cutting Stack JuicedUppStack

It can be stacked with other legal SARMs and one of the most popular stacks is:

Cutting Stack from JuicedUpp – This stack consists of:

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This stack not only helps melt away body fat but also helps give a massive boost to your endurance levels so that you can train harder and longer, thereby getting better results from your workouts.  It is also likely to spike up your mental and physical energy levels tremendously. This stack can help cut and improve muscle definition in the least possible time.

It is recommended that you try this stack for at least 8 weeks and for this you need 2 sets of this stack. You can also avail of the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer and thus, get 3 sets of this stack for the price of two or just $239.98.

The best part is that you do not even need a PCT after this cycle.



What does Cardarine do to the body?

Cardarine is not just effective as a fat burner but is also highly effective for increasing endurance. Not just this, it is also equally effective for improving your cardiac health. As a matter of fact, as mentioned above, many bodybuilders who do anabolic steroids that are hard on their heart include Cardarine in their daily uptake (as long as they are on steroid cycle) to keep their heart in good condition.

What is GW 50156 used for?

It was initially developed as a cure for cardiovascular disease but was abandoned due to a study that linked it to cancer. It is not understood that the particular study was flawed in the sense that it was based on feeding a very dosage to rats for a very long period of 104 weeks without any breaks in between.

Even though it was abandoned long ago, bodybuilders have been using it for increasing fat burning and to ensure better cardiac health. Not just this, it is also used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve their endurance levels. I must mention here that Gw 50156 is banned by most sports authorities around the world.

Does Cardarine work immediately?

Cardarine works very fast when it comes to increasing endurance. In fact, most users begin feeling the effects within 20 minutes of having the first dosage. However, fat-burning and improvement in cardiac health are some of the benefits that take some time to kick in. Read the article above for more on this.


Through this GW 50156 Cardarine review, I have tried to list all the benefits and side effects of this compound along with natural and safe alternatives that have been getting incredible user reviews. I think it is the best way to get all the benefits of Cardarine while being on the safe side. So go ahead, and try Cardalean or the Ripped Cutting Stack from Brutal Force. I am sure you won’t regret it!

Tanveer Quraishi, the main editor of this site has vast experience in the field of bodybuilding. He has been training for almost two decades and has studied steroids and SARMs extensively over the past 10 years. When he is not sweating it out at the gym or writing for this site, he can be spotted playing with his two lovely daughters.