MK 677 PCT

MK 667 has been widely appreciated in body-building and the fitness world in general, where its benefits are not limited to the world of muscles. In fact, it has been known to improve your overall health, all the while strengthening your muscles. Some of the benefits include improved sleep, stronger bone density, better hair growth and even improving your physical appearance. Furthermore, some bodybuilders also consider it suitable for post-cycle therapy. This article is about MK 677 PCT.

MK 677 PCT

As mentioned above, some people have also started using it as PCT to mitigate the negative effects of the steroid they have been taking. This may be due to some of the incredible properties that MK 677 possesses, which help it act as a safety measure against side effects induced by other drugs.

MK 677 PCT

What Is MK 677?

It is a compound, also known as MK 677 Ibutamoren that adopts the mechanism of ghrelin molecules and binds itself onto its receptors within the brain. Even though the orally administered drug possesses half-life of just 5 hours, it boosts growth hormone levels within the body, for a period of about 24 hours.

The MK 677 dosage mostly prescribed and recommended is 25 mg once a day, for a cycle of about 3-6 months. You can take MK 677 on its own, to get the benefits, or along with another SARM for faster results. Not just this, it can also be taken after a steroid cycle as PCT to reduce the negative impact of the steroid on your body.

MK 677 and PCT

There are a couple of reasons why MK 677 is being considered as a better option than other PCT drugs such as Nolvadex and Clomid. 

First and foremost, MK 677 is supposed to have fewer or negligible side effects, a far cry from other drugs used for PCT. When used for a longer duration PCT drugs can produce their own side effects and this tends to develop into another problem.

Secondly, MK 677 is not suppressive and neither does it bear any effect on your estrogen levels. Thus, it can be used for a longer duration as compared to other PCT drugs used by bodybuilders. I would like to mention here that even though most bodybuilders and men perceive estrogen in a negative way, lower than normal levels of this hormone can also lead to certain complications in your body.

This tends to give MK 677 an upper hand in the sense that most PCT drugs can also be used for four weeks and if you are not fully recovered by then you run out of luck and cannot use it any further. However, this is clearly not the case with MK 677. You can have for an extended duration of time without fearing any sort of negative or adverse side effects.

I must mention here that there are people who have been Mk 677 or Ibutamoren for years as a sleeping aid without experiencing any sort of ill effects.

While MK 677 is not a very popular choice for increasing muscle mass, there are studies that show that a dose of 12.5 mgs per day for a period of 16 weeks can help increase muscle mass by as much as two pounds even without any training.

This means it should help you retain all your muscle mass after a SARM cycle!

This brings us to the big question – Why isn’t MK 677 so popular for PCT?

The main thing is that this compound is likely to be much weaker as compared to other PCT drugs on the market leaving most users perplexed as to whether it would help mitigate the side effects of steroids or stronger SARMs like RAD 140 or YK11.

MK 677 PCT

So, why not use MK 677 as a PCT drug?

MK 677 as a PCT drug

MK 677 has proved more than suitable as a drug to cope as a PCT drug, with the incredible properties it possesses. Some of them have been mentioned above, the most prominent being faster recovery and post cycle muscle retention.

However, it is true that it is weaker than a traditional PCT drug which leaves us hanging with the question… will it still prove effective against stronger steroids?

The answer to that is, MK 677 is to be used longer than traditional PCTs, like starting it along with the SARM/steroid you are taking. This contrasts a specified PCT drug, which is generally recommended after you finish a SARM/steroid cycle. You can also take MK 677 along with another PCT drug that will speed up the recovery process.

MK 677 can work fine on SARMs such as Ostarine, but you will need more strength to overcome the negative effects of heavier ones.

MK 677 and its side effects

The side effects are extremely mild when compared to its benefits and mainly depend on the dosage that you are taking. The optimum dosage recommended is 20-25 mg per day, and anything higher or lower than that seems to lower the drug’s potential.

Common side effects of MK 677 include water retention, headaches, and lethargy (temporary).
Increased hunger (due to higher metabolism) is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to be used during the bulking cycle as it makes your hunger more pronounced. Some may experience this in a more intense way than others.

Individuals of all age groups were tested with MK 677 and all of them showed positive results, none of them experienced anything harsh or intolerable due to the drug.

All in all MK 677 is pretty safe to use and highly tolerated within our bodies, where the side effects remain minimal if taken in the proper dosage.

Legal MK 677 Alternatives

One of the best ways to get all the benefits of MK 677 without worrying about its legality or side effects is with the help of natural alternatives that mimic MK 677 so that you can experience all the benefits minus the negatives.

Ibuta 677 from Crazy Bulk is the best legal alternative for MK 677. It can help you get amazing results as far as gaining muscle and strength are concerned. Not just this, it can also help burn fast faster and improve vascularity. Yet another benefit is that it can help improve sleep quality.

The best part is that you can combine with other legal SARMs from Crazy Bulk in a stack to get better results from your workouts.

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Other Brands

Ibutalean from Brutal Force and Thermo Tone from Juiced Upp are some other MK 677 alternatives that have been getting good reviews too.

These two brands have gained widespread recognition because of their high-quality supplements that mimic various steroids and SARMs without side effects. One of their most appealing factors is that they do not require a PCT!


1. Ibutalean

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2. Thermo Tone

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MK 667 is essentially a chemical designed to improve our body’s mechanism, rather than to deal with problems caused by other agents. Although it is an incredible agent to muscle recovery and dealing with post SARM symptoms, it is not enough on its own to cope with the negative impacts of SARMs.

Tanveer Quraishi, the main editor of this site has vast experience in the field of bodybuilding. He has been training for almost two decades and has studied steroids and SARMs extensively over the past 10 years. When he is not sweating it out at the gym or writing for this site, he can be spotted playing with his two lovely daughters.