RAD 140 Results – Testolone Results

RAD 140 is already one of the most popular SARMs on the market and one of the main reasons behind its excessive popularity is that RAD 140 results are simply exceptional. Bodybuilders and gymgoers have been using it for bulking as well as cutting cycles and it goes without saying that most of them seem to be more than happy with Testolone results.

This article will wipe away all your doubts and queries about RAD 140. Along with discussing RAD 140 results, we’ll also see how it works and if it is worth using or not.

The first thing you need to know about RAD 140 is that it is a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. It is entirely different from steroids in the sense that it works by attaching itself to certain specific androgen receptors, unlike steroids that affect all your body organs and system.

In fact, you can say that a SARM copies the function of androgens but doesn’t replicate its harmful side effects. For this reason, it has been mostly trusted by health specialists, athletes, and bodybuilders. Having said that, I would like to highlight the fact that SARMs are a relatively new set of compounds as compared to steroids and they need to go through extensive research to study their real side effects on the human body.

RAD 140 is produced by Radius Health Inc. and has been receiving immense hype for its jaw-dropping results. However, a few people are labeling it as the “over-hyped” SARM.

Is that the case? Find it out yourself!

How Does RAD 140 Work?

RAD 140 Results


As mentioned above, RAD 140 being the SARM mimics the function of Androgens. It links or attaches itself to the androgen receptors and boosts protein synthesis.

Since it boosts protein synthesis, it tricks the muscles by making them grow faster within a limited time frame. Apart from this, it can also help cut short your recovery time so that you can hit the same muscle group a couple of times a week, making it grow faster in the process.

Meanwhile, comparing it to steroids, it must be mentioned that steroids have many side effects that can mess up with your body mechanism and can have disastrous effects on your body. Anabolic steroids can also suppress and even shut down testosterone production in your body causing serious complications over time.

Needless to say, RAD 140 has a driver’s seat when it comes to the oversaturated market of the SARMs. It delivers its users a competitive advantage by delivering impossibly faster results in form of muscle mass. Undoubtedly, RAD 140 Testolone is one of the best SARMs for bulking. It sure can beat the odds when compared to other bulking SARMs such as Ostarine, YK-11, and LGD 4033.

Despite earning so much trust from actual users, it is still not recommended to use it for gaining muscle or even burning fat since it has not been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

RAD 140 Results

I am sure by now you are curious enough to find out what RAD 140 results could be. So, let’s dive in a see how RAD 140 or Testolone can actually help transform your body.

First of all, RAD 140 is one of the best choices when it comes to bulking with lean and rock-hard muscle.

RAD 140 Results

But this is not all!

RAD 140 is a great bulking SARM and one of the main reasons behind this is that it does not lead to water retention in your body. What it means is that the size that you gain is not because of excess water in your body as it happens to be in the case of many steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol.

What it also means is that you are going to keep these gains for a long time. They will not vanish with the loss of excess water from your body. So, all that you need to do is keep training and having the right diet to keep all that hard-earned muscle mass.

Another positive effect of RAD 140 is that it can help your body burn fat faster. Thus, you not only gain muscle but also burn excess fat and this leaves you with high-quality and ultra-lean muscle mass, which is what every bodybuilder wants to have. You can stack it one of the best cutting SARMs such as Andarine, Cardarine, SR9009, etc., for faster cutting results.


Achievable Results by RAD 140

So, what kind of results should you really expect from RAD 140?

To begin with, I should clarify that each of us is different from the other and the way each individual reacts to Testolone RAD 140 is also completely different. In other words, results may vary from person to person.

But the standard gains may be in the range of 8lbs to 15lbs/cycle. 15 lbs have been an exceptional case, while most people achieve 8lbs to 10lbs with each cycle. A few people might argue that 8 lbs are a little less as compared to the conventional SARMs in the market.

Apart from muscle gain, this SARM can also enhance your strength. Multiple people have reported that they noticed a visible difference in their strength.

Furthermore, Testolone Stacks can ensure even better results whether your objective is bulking or cutting. Find out more information on RAD 140 Stacks by clicking here.

Talk of Actual Results

Here’s a video in which Jon Anthony speaks of his experience with RAD 140:

YouTube video


Benefits of RAD 140 over other SARMs.

If you are still confused about whether you should trust RAD 140 or not read this, and decide wisely. I have curated a list of benefits that RAD 140 offers to you over other SARMs.

Fat cutter: The mechanism RAD 140 follows makes it stand out. Instead of adopting traditional weight gain methods, RAD 140 works by melting the excessive fat.

Increases testosterone: General steroids and SARMs has been known for messing up with the emotions and mood of the user. However, this SARM escalates the level of testosterone in the body to make sure one stays positive and happy. Increasing testosterone obviously helps with putting on more muscle and burning fat at the same time.

Having said that, you must not forget that RAD 140 can be suppressive too and most users begin feeling the suppressive effects towards the end of the cycle. Even though it is not as suppressive as YK 11 (Compare YK 11 with RAD 140 here), you might still need a PCT after a RAD 10 cycle.

Memory support: Amyloid-beta is a protein that spoils your memory, resulting in memory loss especially in older age. But testosterone defends your memory by blocking this protein’s entrance into the brain.

Benefits of RAD 140


Maximizes strength: Besides pumping up the muscles, RAD 140 also has a positive impact on strength. It boosts the energy level in the body so that you don’t feel tired or fatigued at the gym or in your daily routine.

Least side effects: To be honest, I won’t say that this SARM does not have any side effects. This is impossible. Every SARM is accompanied by side effects. Although no side effects have been reported up till now (clinically), the product is still under the testing stage. However, it is safe to say that the product has minimum or no side effects.

Discourage ESR1: RAD 140 also plays a key role in causing hindrance of the production of ESR1. ESR1 is the protein that gives birth to breast cancer.

Safe to use: Until now, no cases have been reported about RAD 140 affecting vital body organs like the liver and kidney.

RAD 140 can be a better choice than other products. A lot of positive stories have been reported in which people experienced brilliant and mind-blowing body transformations including gaining a pack of muscles, cutting down weight, enhanced strength, and other little benefits too that play a major role!

However, it is quite possible that you might experience some side effects and one of them could be testosterone suppression, requiring you to go a Testolone PCT. Not just this, it is illegal to consume and falls under the list of banned or controlled substances by WADA and many other sports authorities.

Legal RAD 140

If you want to have all the benefits of RAD 140 minus the side effects while 100% legal then you should consider trying RADBULK from Brutal Force.

This is a supplement that has been formulated with all-natural ingredients to mimic RAD 140 without any of its negative side effects.



Radbulk from Brutal Force


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RADBULK can be teamed up with other legal SARMs that include Ostabulk, Ligabulk, and YKBulk to ensure even faster-bulking results.


Testolone is one of the most powerful SARMs and it has been getting incredible user reviews. RAD 140 results show that it can be a massive help in gaining lean, hard, and dense muscle that every bodybuilder actually strives to get.

If you too want to get the same results without worrying about the side effects or PCT, you should opt for RADBULK from Brutal Force mentioned above.

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