Is LeBron James Guilty of Steroid Use?

Want to know if Lebron James is guilty of using steroids?

Well, this is like a jolt out of the blue. Most people find it shocking that their favorite athletes could even be accused of using a steroid. If I were to use an anomaly, it would be like finding out that Santa isn’t real. And when that happens you are completely knocked out and have to admit that your favorite star is just a regular guy who used steroids to get ahead in the game.

Is Lebron James guilty of steroids use

And when that happens, you are forced to believe that it’s not possible to reach the pinnacle of performance with just training and that you need something more than that to outdo others. It goes without saying that cheating becomes the buzz word here.

Thus, it’s important to be sure of before you start tearing down your icon or your favorite athlete.

Getting back to LeBron James, it’s important to highlight that he is a legend when it comes to NBA. However, you cannot neglect the fact that he has been repeatedly accused of using steroids.

The big question however remains whether such accusations are true or not.

Let’s check out some facts here…

Basketball and Steroids

At the onset, I would like to mention that the use of steroids can still be considered rife in this game without much repercussions and that is mainly because it happens to be a sport lagging behind other sports when it comes to identifying and penalizing athletes that use drugs.

Let’s talk about LeBron now…

Back in 2015, LeBron became the youngest player to have ever scored 25,000 points in the NBA, which by any standard is not easy to achieve. It goes without saying that before that he had a highly illustrious career at his local high school. Now, I am not saying that it is not possible to achieve these feats naturally but it does raise doubts whether it was pure luck, talent, and hard work, or something more than that.

Another thing that makes things somewhat suspicious is that LeBron has had a couple of run-ins with rules in the past. For instance, he is known to have violated OHSAA rules that resulted in his suspension for some time. Not just this, he has also been penalized for accepting gifts. What it could mean is that he might be willing to take risks by bending rules. If he could do this, then there is a stark possibility that he might have used steroids too.

Physique – What it could indicate?

One of the best ways to make out if someone has been using steroids is to have a look at the physique. Even though LeBron has an impressive and ripped physique, I don’t think there’s anything that indicates that he might have used steroids.

On the contrary, I see it quite possible for guys as tall to have such a build. What makes me say this is that even though he is lean but he does not seem to have ridiculously low levels of fat (which gets possible only through steroids such as Anavar or Winstrol). Not just this, even though his biceps look impressive, his arms are relatively thin as compared to someone taking steroids such as Dianabol, or Deca Durabolin.

Having said that, even if he is using steroids then he might not be using them for bulking up.

So, what could be his purpose of having steroids?

The only thing that we can think of is to increase strength and speed. These two happen to be the main requirements in the game of basketball.

And, I don’t think many steroids can help one achieve these except for, of course, Winstrol.

But, I believe there’s too much at stake for him to use this steroid. Moreover, there’s no substantial proof to indicate that LeBron might have cheated. Besides this, when looking at athletes we should always take the stance of Innocent until proven guilty!

It might also be possible that an NBA star like LeBron might be using a natural supplement to increase his testosterone or to boost his performance. One of the most common natural supplements that can be used for enhancing filed performance is Winsol that mimics Winstrol or Stanozolol without any of its negative side effects. The beauty of this supplement lies in the fact that it is absolutely safe and you do not even require a PCT after having it.

Moreover, it can be combined with other legal steroids for faster cutting results.


LeBron has a huge physique and it is easy to assume that he might have taken steroids but the fact of the mattress is that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest the same. Moreover, his build does not reveal as if he might have used a steroid for either bulking or cutting.

Havings said that it’s quite possible that he might have used a natural supplement to improve his performance on the court and I see no wrong in that.

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