Dbol on Cutting Cycle

Can you take Dbol on a Cutting Cycle?

Nope! I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Dianabol or Dbol cannot be taken when on a cutting cycle.

Dbol on Cutting Cycle

Main Features of Dianabol or Dbol

To understand this better, let’s have a look at the main properties of Dbol:

  • Dianabol is basically a wet steroid. What it means is that it leads to water retention in the body. When on a Dbol Pills cycle, you tend to gain a lot of weight but a majority of this weight is actually water weight and you tend to lose it once you are off the cycle. As a matter of fact, Dbol can give you a puffy or bloated look.
  • Dbol helps increase protein synthesis in your body and is great for enhancing muscle mass and strength. However, one of its main side effects is that it increases the aromatization of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. This is the main cause of gynecomastia and water retention in men.
  • Dianabol also helps enhance nitrogen retention in your muscles which helps greatly in increasing muscle growth through a direct positive impact on protein synthesis.
  • Dianabol is also great for increasing strength and is commonly used by bodybuilders when they get stuck on a plateau. In such a case, it can also be combined with other strength steroids such as Deca Durabolin.

D-Bal from Crazy Bulk is an immensely powerful natural and legal alternative to Dianabol that has become a massive hit within the bodybuilding community.

What You Try to Achieve Through a Cutting Cycle?

While on a cutting cycle, your main aim is to:

  • burn excess fat in your body
  • eliminate water retention

And this is because you want to be left with ultra-lean muscle mass and enhanced vascularity with veins popping up all over your body.

Some of the best steroids that are often used during a Cutting Cycle include Anavar and Winstrol. Even though Clenbuterol is not a steroid, a lot of bodybuilders use it as well since it is an intensely powerful fat burner that comes with positive effects on muscle growth.

Does Dianabol fit in a Cutting Cycle?

The only answer to this question is NO!

And there’s simple logic at play. During a cutting cycle, it is important to eliminate water retention from your body and a dry steroid like Anavar or Winstrol can yield better results. Using Dianabol can do just the opposite. It can make you gain a lot of water weight. It is essentially a steroid for bulking and not cutting!

Thus, there’s absolutely no sense in using Dianabol or Dbol when during the cutting phase.

What Should You Use During a Cutting Cycle?

Getting back to Cutting Cycle, there are some great options that you can consider including Cutting SARMs and steroids:


Anavar or Oxandrolone is essentially a cutting steroid that most bodybuilders use prior to their stage appearance in order to get the desired cutting effects and to enhance vascularity.

It not only boosts your metabolism but also helps eliminate excess water from the body.

Another important benefit of Anavar is that it can be really beneficial for enhancing strength.

Anavar is often considered to be the mildest steroid since the side effects are considered to be low in severity. Having said that, it does not mean that it can be used without any discretion. It’s still a steroid and does have side effects.

Can Anavar and Dbol be combined?

I would say, Yes!

Anavar Dbol Cycle is one of the best answers to those looking for ways to increase their strength. As a matter of fact, a lot of bodybuilders and athletes stack them together either to bust through plateaus or to improve their field performance.

Moreover, this is a steroid that can be used by both men and women.


Yet another common steroid used during a cutting cycle is Winstrol or Stanozolol. It is another dry steroid that can help you achieve great cutting results. It not only burns fat but also helps eliminate water retention. Another positive effect of this steroid is that it can help you increase vascularity just like Anavar.

It is used for cutting and hardening muscles.

Winstrol has a lot of side effects and should be used with due care and caution. Some of the common side effects of Winstrol could include:

  • high blood pressure
  • hair loss and acne (in men who are already suffering from these conditions)
  • cardiac issues
  • testosterone suppression
  • liver toxicity
  • joint pain etc.

Can Winstrol and Dbol be combined?

Nope, that’s not a very good idea. As a matter of fact, Dbol Winny Cycle is never recommended since one is a wet steroid and the other a completely dry one. There’s absolutely no point in combining the two together.


Dianabol is not the best option to consider during a cutting cycle. It is mostly used during the bulking phase and most of the weight gained through this steroid is actually water weight. When on a cutting cycle, you can use Winstrol, Anavar or even Sustanon. These steroids can also be stacked together for faster and better results.

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