Anavar Winstrol Cycle for Beach Body

Considering an Anavar Winstrol Cycle to get a perfect beach body?

Well, if you are thinking of doing this cycle, you are going to combine two of the best cutting steroids on the scene and this cycle can surely help you cut and harden your muscles so that you stand out on the beach and look simply superb!

If getting ripped is what you want, then a combination of these steroids is likely to work wonders.

While both these steroids have a lot of similarities, there are some differences too and combining them not only helps you get better cutting results but also improves your physical or cardio performance.

Anavar Winstrol Cycle

Anavar Winstrol Cycle

The big question here is – Can you combine Anavar and Winstrol in a cycle?

The answer is YES!

As a matter of fact, Anavar Winstrol Cycle happens to be a very popular cycle that a lot of bodybuilders do and what is even more interesting is that most guys doing this cycle, report amazing results from it. It goes without saying that both Oxandrolone (Anavar) and Stanozolol (Winstrol) are excellent when it comes to dropping body fat.

What is oral Winny Anavar combination?

Anavar Winny Cycle –

  • Anavar is supposed to be the lightest steroid (since the side effects are less severe as compared to most other anabolic steroids).
  • Anavar is a 17 Alpha Alkylated oral bioavailable synthetic form of testosterone of DHT
  • Winstrol is 17 Alpha Alkylated oral bioavailable synthetic form of testosterone.

The big question is why should one combine two steroids that are so similar in their composition.

The main reason behind this is that combining these two steroids helps your body get enough DHT that is essential for cutting. Besides this, even though both these steroids may look similar, there are some differences too and clubbing them together helps you experience the benefits of both these steroids together.

It’s hardly surprising that bodybuilders around the world are combining these two steroids in a single cycle to get as ripped as possible by losing excess fat very quickly.

Why Anavar Winstrol Cycle?

One of the most important benefits of Winstrol is that it can help improve your physical performance too. This is something that makes it highly preferred by both bodybuilders and athletes.

Anavar, on the other hand, has the ability to burn fat and trim you down without you losing muscle mass, but it does improve physical performance or endurance. This happens to be an exclusive benefit of Winstrol.

Thus, by combining both these steroids you can burn fat, increase vascularity and also improve your physical performance. This is why both bodybuilders and athletes go for an Anavar and Winny cycle.


For bodybuilders, the Winstrol cycle should last 6-8 weeks and the typical dosage is 50 mg per day. In any case, you should not have more than 100 mg per day. As far as athletes are concerned, they must limit the dosage to 20-50 mg per day.

As far as Anavar is concerned, men may have up to 50 mg per day and women may have 10-20 mg per day.

Anavar Winstrol Cycle Side Effects

Even though both Anavar and Winstrol can produce a whole lot of side effects (you can check out Anavar side effects, Winstrol side effects here), Anavar Winny cycle can increase bad or LDL cholesterol in your body and it can also lower HDL or good cholesterol. What it means is that it can potentially increase your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke. Check out Anavar for Women to find out more about the side effects women are likely to experience when on this steroid.

Listed below are some of the main benefits of both Anavar and Winstrol that you can expect from their stack or combined cycle:

Anavar Properties

Anavar is 17 Alpha Alkylated derivate of DHT. It is also known as Oxandrolone and is a highly popular steroid when it comes to cutting cycles. It can be used by both men and women.

Some of the main benefits of Anavar could include the following:

Increases Muscle Mass

Anavar can help you gain muscle even though the muscle gains that you experience are not going to be as dramatic as some of the other steroids such as Dianabol or Deca can.

Combining Anavar with other bulking steroids can, however, lead to good bulking effects along with a massive increase in strength.

Decreases Body Fat

One of the most important Anavar benefits is that it can help cut down fat in your body. It’s hardly surprising that it is highly preferred for a cutting cycle and most bodybuilders use it before a competition to gain better muscle definition and cutting.

It leads to fat loss when combined with a calorie deficit diet. Another important feature of Anavar is that when you have it in your system and you are on a diet, your body tends to get less catabolic. What it means that muscle loss is far less as compared to what it would be with dieting alone. In other words, it not only cuts fat but also helps retain muscle mass in your body. Needless to say, what you are left with is ultra-lean muscle mass.

Decreases Water Retention

Water retention may make you look bloated and puffed up and getting rid of it can certainly help you look lean. Anavar performs exceptionally well at removing excess water from your body and by doing so it increases vascularity.

More importantly, it can also help distribute fluid more effectively in your body. What it actually does it is that it sends fluids inside the muscle cells resulting in improved hypertrophy and pumps. Thus, you are going to look lean with pumped-up muscles when on an Anavar cycle.

Fuller Pumps and Bigger Muscles

The highlight of this steroid is that it can produce some of the biggest pumps that a bodybuilder can experience. The main cause being more water retention inside the muscles along with increased ATP and glycogen. It must be noted that even though this increase in muscle size is not permanent, it is highly exciting for most guys on an Anavar cycle.

Increases Strength

Even though Anavar is largely used for cutting and fat loss, it is one of the best steroids for pushing strength. There are other options such as Dianabol and Deca that can increase strength dramatically but what makes Anavar unique is that it boosts strength amazingly well without making you gain weight like Dianabol or Deca.

Winstrol Benefits

Winstrol or Stanozolol is another steroid, which is more or less similar to Anavar. It is also used for a cutting cycle and some of the main benefits of Winstrol could be listed as follows:

No Conversion to Estrogen

Winstrol or Winny, as it is popularly known in the bodybuilding circles, is highly preferred since it does not convert to estrogen. What it means that anyone on a Winstrol cycle does not have to worry about side effects resulting from the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Thus, you don’t have to worry about gynecomastia or man boobs, water retention, and high blood pressure.

Quality Muscle Gains

The most important benefit of Winstrol is that it not only helps you build muscle but also help enhance your strength levels. What it means is that Winstrol can help you get stronger and bigger muscles, unlike most of the other steroids that boost muscle size with most of such an increase in size being a result of excess water retention.

Helps Get Lean

Winstrol is one steroid that is highly popular among athletes with the main reason being its ability to boost strength without making them look bulkier.

Enhances Endurance

One of the most important benefits of Winstrol is that it can help increase your endurance and it does by increasing your red blood cell count. RBC’s are responsible for carrying blood all over your body including the muscles. This steady supply of extra oxygen boost not only gives you more power but also speeds up recovery having a direct positive impact on your endurance.

More Agility, Speed, and Power

The main reason that athletes prefer Winstrol is because of its ability to increase their agility, speed, and power. Now, these are qualities that are highly desirable as far as athletes are concerned since they can help improve their competitiveness, giving them the necessary edge in their performance.

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Are there any safe alternatives?

Even though Anavar Winny Cycle is a good option to get ripped, they are still steroids that can produce a lot of side effects. A better option is to try and use natural supplements that are safe, effective, and free of all adverse side effects.

Crazy Bulk is one of the best brands that manufactures a range of legal steroids (supplements that mimic steroids without their ill effects and also do not require a PCT). Anvarol is legal Anavar and Winsol is legal Winstrol and you can combine both of them to get amazing results in the gym. You can also try Cutting Stack from Crazy Bulk that throws in Clenbuterol and Sustanon alternatives with these two for even better results.

Cutting Stack from Crazy Bulk is a perfect option for getting a ripped and shredded body that you can flaunt on the beach. This stack has no side effects and can help you get excellent cutting results in just 8 weeks. You do not even require a PCT after this stack.


What does the steroid Winstrol do?
Winstrol is essentially a cutting or dry steroid. It not only helps you drop fat but also eliminates water retention from your body. Moreover, what it can do is that it can help improve your physical performance and endurance. This is why it is especially popular among athletes.
For how long does Winstrol stay in your system?
Even a single dose of 5-10 mg of this steroid can be detected in your urine for the next 10 days and I am talking about an oral dose here.
Does Anavar have side effects?
Yes, of course! Just like other steroids, Anavar also has side effects, even though they are not as severe as some of the other anabolic steroids. Some of the common side effects of Anavar could include nausea, vomiting, skin color changes, increased/decreased libido, oily skin, hair loss, acne etc. Those who are already prone to acne and hair loss may see their condition aggravated.


Anavar Winstrol Cycle is highly preferred by bodybuilders for a cutting cycle. If your goal is getting ripped and shredded then you can go for it but like all steroids, they also come with side effects. Thus, it is important to plan a PCT before you begin the cycle, or else you can use natural or legal supplements to get ripped.


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