Anavar Steroid – Pros and Cons

If you are a person who’s conscious about weight loss and up-to-date with fitness terminology, you’re most certainly aware of the craze that surrounds the fat-to-mass ratio system. In today’s day and age, everyone – from young adults to men and women past their 40’s – focuses on cutting fat and building muscle. And Anavar does just that.

Anavar Steroid

Anavar Pros and Cons

Anavar, originally called Oxandrolone, is an androgenic, anabolic steroid that grew in popularity amongst sportsmen and bodybuilders due to its ability to grow muscles whilst also cutting down fat.

Anavar Steroid – A Introduction

According to studies, Anavar’s working procedure is quite simple; it increases the protein content of the body, giving it an excess capacity of building lean muscle. It is also proven to regulate receptors of skeletal muscles and enhance the IGF-1 levels of your body, resulting in increased muscles, bone density and natural tissue growth.

Anavar is a milder steroid in comparison to other steroids available for the purpose of muscle building. Still, when used mildly in combination with testosterone-induced drugs, it provides maximum benefits and quick results. It is one of the few steroids that can be used by women too. You can check out more on Anavar for women by clicking here.

Pros/ Benefits of Anavar

Apart from athletes and bodybuilders, Anavar is also prescribed by medical professionals due to its ability to grow natural tissues, aid in muscle growth and boost strength. Some specific benefits of Anavar are:

Decrease Visceral Fat and Total Body Fat

Visceral fat is stubborn fat that wraps around your abdominal organs and is deep inside your body – making it harder to get rid of. Based on 3-month research, Anavar showed favorable results in both weight loss and decreased visceral fat due to its combined functionality of fat burning and muscle building. 

Anavar can also be combined with other cutting steroids such as Winstrol. Anavar Winstrol Cycle is one of the best examples of a powerful cutting cycle.

Pros Benefits of Anavar

Substitute for the Natural Loss of Androgen and Estrogen Hormones

This drug is a suitable substitute for estrogen and androgen hormones found in the body, resulting in consumers using Anavar as a hormone pill.

Increases Strength

Anavar helps to promote protein synthesis through the efficient use of amino acids. When given to healthy individuals, it has been shown to increase protein synthesis by as much as 44%. This in turn improves the effects of resistance and strength training, giving your body the boost to train for longer intervals of time. Anavar can also be combined with other steroids such as Dianabol for increasing strength. As a matter of fact, Anavar and Dianabol Cycle is quite popular among bodybuilders trying to burn fat and gain strength at the same time.

Defines Muscles and Makes Vascularity Prominent:

Most – if not all – athletes and bodybuilders strive to achieve exceptional pumps and prominent vascularity. Vascularity refers to the condition of having many highly visible veins that can be seen bulking through the muscles. Anavar makes this particularly easy to achieve through its added benefit of water retention. By helping to evenly distribute fluid, increase pumps and decrease bloating, the steroid instinctively decreases fat and water retention; resulting in fuller muscles and bigger pumps.  

Used to Treat Patients:

What started out as the go-to steroid for bodybuilders quickly grew popular in the field of medicine. Anavar was favored by doctors and medical professionals because of the exemplary results it provided when used to treat catabolic disorders. For over 30 years, Anavar has been used to prevent frailty and loss of muscle, resulting from aging, post-surgery trauma, severe burn injuries and HIV-related muscle waiting.

Since Anavar is an oral, anabolic drug the probability that consumers may face side effects after regular consumption are high.

In 1989, Anavar was banned for non-patients. To this date, anabolic steroids can only be sold by pharmacists, and anyone found selling them otherwise will face an unlimited fine or prison sentence. This is because excessive usage of Anavar and other anabolic drugs can lead to heart attacks, strokes, liver damage, and in the worst-case prostate gland cancer.

Cons/ Side Effects of Anavar

However, most of these side effects occur in consequence of consuming high dosages of Anavar for a long period of time. Let’s break down the most common side effects of Anavar.

Cholesterol Imbalance:

Some consumers report this as one of the severe side effects of Anavar. The rise of LDL cholesterol levels leads to imbalanced cholesterol and high blood pressure which opens the gates to a vast number of heart-related health issues.

Cons Side Effects of Anavar

Liver Damage:

Anavar’s oral nature requires it to pass through the liver, resulting in mild to extreme liver damage depending on the consumer’s liver health. Those individuals who suffer from prior liver damage should avoid consuming Anavar as well as other oral steroids.

Adverse Effects on Mental Health:

Along with nausea, vomiting, loss of hair and acne; depression is a common side effect that most consumers face. Its consumption interacts with the mental state of the user and as a result, leads to anxiety and increased negative mental health.

Increase in Acne and Other Skin Issues:

Some users complain of rashes and acne post-consumption of Anavar. Systematic use of any steroid makes the oil (sebaceous) glands prone to inflammation and infections which occur as bumps on the outer layer of the skin.

Loss of Hair:

It is an age-old observation that steroids have a complicated relationship with hair growth and hair loss. Since Anavar is an androgenic steroid, it is common for users to notice thinning and loss of hair. Individuals who suffer from immense hair fall prior to consuming Anavar are more likely to add to their problems by choosing this particular steroid.

Imbalance of Testosterone Levels:

Anavar proves to be more harmful to men because of its initial increase and eventual decrease in testosterone levels. When you start consuming Anavar, you will see a rise in tenderness, swelling, prolonged erections and a decrease in sperm production which is directly associated with infertility in men.

Legal And Safe Anavar

Fortunately, you can now use legal steroids to get ripped and shredded. These legal steroids are supplements that are formulated with the help of natural ingredients and can help boost your metabolism, retain lean muscle, eliminate water retention and help you get amazing cutting results without any side effects or even PCT.

Crazy Bulk is one such brand and Anvarol is its Anavar alternative. It can help you achieve your cutting goals fast and when combined with other cutting steroids, it can do wonders for your body. It has no adverse side effects and neither is it toxic to your kidneys or liver. 

Brutal Force is yet another brand that has an excellent legal steroids range. ACut is its Anavar alternative and it is a part of Definition Stack that can help you get ripped and shredded like a pro in just 8 weeks.

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In conclusion, for some people, Anavar is a lifeline while for some it can do more harm than good. Any medication or steroid needs to be consumed in moderate amounts to experience healthy and lasting results. With Anavar, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet and strength training routine if your goal is to build muscle and get lean. Leaning back on steroids alone will unfold your body to severe health concerns that may prove to be irrevocable. Hence, this banned substance should only be consumed after in-depth research and under the supervision of medical professionals.

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