Testosterone Boosting Herbs

Testosterone boosting herbs are a perfect remedy for men suffering from problems caused by low testosterone levels. Some of these common issues that can be addressed with testosterone herbs include low libido, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, erectile or sexual dysfunction etc. Not just this, such herbs can also help reduce stress and produce a calming effect.

Testosterone Boosting Herbs


Herbs have been used since ancient times to correct various health disorders in both men and women. They form an intrinsic part of Indian and Chinese medicine systems and are used even today. The most important benefit of herbal remedies is that unlike modern drugs they do not have any negative or adverse side effects.

No wonder, such herbal remedies are getting increasingly popular in the West too.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best herbs that can help boost testosterone in your body naturally, safely and effectively:

Testosterone Boosting Herbs

1. Panax Ginseng 

Testosterone Boosting HerbsLet me begin with the oldest herb known to mankind.


Ginseng is the oldest herb that was discovered by the Chinese more than 3000 years ago and the beauty of this herb is that it has been used consistently since then to alleviate various health problems in both men and women.

Ginseng comes with heating properties and it’s excellent for increasing blood circulation throughout the body. More importantly, it’s also proven to stimulate testosterone production in men. This combined effect makes it a perfect ingredient for many male enhancement pills and supplements.

If you search on Google for natural male enhancement pills, the possibility is that 9 out of 10 formulas are going to contain Ginseng as an ingredient.

The reason behind this is simple………….

Ginseng is a powerful and effective T-booster that not only helps enhance energy in men but also increases testosterone. It is a powerful libido booster and sexual enhancer that can help you get rock solid erections too. In addition to this, it is known to improve sperm health too.

But this is not all!

One of the most important benefits of ginseng is that it helps reduce stress, which happens to be one of the major factors that lower testosterone in men. By reducing stress, it lowers Cortisol resulting in an increase in your testosterone levels.


2. Tribulus Terrestris

Testosterone Boosting HerbsWhen it comes to enhancing testosterone, there’s no other herb that can match up to Tribulus Terrestris and Tongat Ali.

Let’s find out more about Tribulus first….

Known by various names such as Puncture Vine, Goat’s head, Devil’s weed etc. Tribulus is native to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been used as a part of traditional medicine system for ages.

Tribulus not only increases testosterone in your body but is also effective at treating both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is why it is a part of many herbal medicines to treat male sexual dysfunction.

Getting back to testosterone, Tribulus is known to increase Luteinizing Hormone production by your pituitary gland. This hormone, in turn, signals the leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone. Thus, Tribulus helps your body produce more testosterone in an indirect but definite way.

A lot of bodybuilding supplement consists of Tribulus as a key ingredient because of its ability to boost testosterone in your body.


3. Tongkat Ali (Long Jack)

This is another potent herb known for its male enhancement properties. Tongkat Ali hails from Malaysia and is often called Malaysian Ginseng. The root of this plant is highly effective at increasing testosterone, reducing stress and boosting libido in men.

Tongkat Ali is a shrub and the root of this plant is a very strong testosterone booster. There are couple of studies to back up this claim.

Testosterone Boosting Herbs


One of such studies done on older men showed that consuming 200 mg of Tongkat Ali extract for 30 days increased testosterone levels in 90% of the subjects. What it even more interesting is that this herb was able to help these men reach their normal testosterone levels.

Not just this, there are studies that back up the claim that Tongkat Ali can help increase fertility in men even though more research is required for conclusive results.

However, what is certain is that Tongkat Ali can help reduce stress. By doing so, it reduces Cortisol level and this helps in increasing test since a high Cortisol level acts as a testosterone blocker.


4. Yohimbe

Now, we move from Southeast Asia to Africa!

YohimbeYohimbine is a powerful herb that is native to African countries and has been used for many many years as an aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer for men.

Yohimbe is a tree that grows in west Africa and Yohimbine is a compound that is present in its bark. It is the bark of the tree that is used for making various kinds of medicines, tablets and capsules that help treat:

  • impotence or erectile dysfunction in men
  • chest pain
  • high blood pressure etc.

It is also used for improving athletic performance. Another common use is in weight loss pills and capsules since it can help boost your metabolism.

One of the many benefits of this herb is that it can help raise testosterone levels in men.

However, many herbal supplements with Yohimbe came under the scanner a couple of years back since it was believed that Yohimbe is not really suitable for men with a cardiac condition and it can interfere with the functioning of the heart. Thus, caution and care have to be observed before taking a male enhancement supplement with Yohimbe in it.


5. Horny Goat Weed

Well, the name says it all!

Horny Goat WeedYou can actually get the gist of what this herb can do by reading its name. Yes! horny goat weed can do wonders for your libido and it does so by enhancing testosterone and increasing blood flow to your family jewels.

The real name of this herb is Epimedium Sagittatum and it is native to China. Unsurprisingly, China is home to so many herbs and herbal medicines that are used in the treatment of various health problems in both men and women.

It is also found in a couple of other Asian and Mediterranean countries. It is believed to have been discovered by a Chinese farmer who noticed that goats in his herd started displaying overtly sexual behavior after feeding on this herb.

Apart from increasing testosterone, Horny Goat Weed helps boost the production of nitric oxide in men. Nitric oxide has often been described as the sex chemical produced in your body. Its main function is that it helps muscle surrounding blood vessels that supply blood to the penis relax so that more blood can flow inside and lead to an erection. This is the same function followed by sildenafil citrate to help men get erections.

No wonder, horny goat weed is commonly used in herbal medicines to treat erectile dysfunction in men.


6. Maca Root

Maca is a cruciferous plant that is found in the Andes mountains. It is a part of many Peruvian dishes and it can be used for many health benefits.

Maca RootMaca root can be grounded into a powder and used as a remedy for treating various health disorders. Some of the main benefits of this herb are listed below:

  • increases testosterone
  • boosts libido
  • helps treat erectile dysfunction in men
  • enhances energy and endurance
  • increases fertility (it is proven to improve semen quality in both fertile and infertile men)
  • reduces blood pressure
  • improves mood and reduces anxiety
  • enhances learning and improves memory etc

No wonder, this herb is extremely popular in Peru where it is used as an ingredient in many popular dishes.


7. Ashwagandha

AshwagandhaThis one is native to India and has been used for ages in various Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medicine system that relies upon herbs and other natural remedies to cure various health disorders and dysfunctions. It is also called Indian Ginseng or winter cherry. Apart from India, it is also found in the Middle East and some African countries.

One of the many benefits of this herb is that it can help boost testosterone production in your body.  It is also proven to improve sperm quality in men suffering from infertility but it cannot improve sperm count. In addition to this, like testosterone boosters, it can also help increase libido or sex drive in men.

Yet another vital benefit of Ashwagandha is that it can help reduce stress. This helps a great deal in enhancing testosterone.

8. Shilajit

ShilajitContinuing with Indian herbs, Shilajit is famous for its aphrodisiac properties. It is well-known to boost sexual potency in men. As a matter of fact, it is so famous, that a lot of being sold on the market is fake. It is found in the Himalayas and is a sticky, thick substance that sticks to steep rocks in high altitude ranges. Procuring it is quite a task in itself.

Shilajit is known to boost testosterone in men with regular supplementation. According to a clinical study, subjects were given shilajit extract regularly for 90 days and they experienced a considerable increase in their testosterone levels at the end of 90 days.


9. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is another herb that is native to the Americas. It is used for a variety of health problems in both men and women. One of the main benefits of saw palmetto is that it helps increase testosterone production in your body.

More importantly, it increases free testosterone in your body. It’s important to note and understand that it is free testosterone that actually affects your muscle mass, libido, and sexual function.

By increasing free testosterone, saw palmetto, not only increases your libido or sex drive but also helps you gain muscle mass. It also ensures better sexual function and improves fertility in men.

Apart from this, it is also used to treat hair loss in both men and women.


10. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is native to Siberia and is extensively used in Russia. It is highly effective for treating a number of health problems particularly in those that live in high altitude areas. Some of the main benefits for men include the following:

  • Maintain post-exercise T-levels – One of the main benefits of this herb is that it helps to maintain testosterone levels post-workout. More often than not, your testosterone levels plummet after an intense workout because of an increase in stress which is a major testosterone killer (this happens usually with longer workouts). Rhodiola is an effective herb to control this spike in Cortisol and by doing so it prevents a drop in your T-levels.
  • Increases Antioxidative Capacity – Oxidative stress tends to affect both testosterone levels and muscle in your body. Rhodiola Rosea is an effective herb to increase antioxidative functions in your body.
  • Reduces estradiol levels – By doing so, it prevents the conversion of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.


11. Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract or Pycnogenol is widely used in the treatment for various kinds of health issues and problems. Studies have shown that when used along with L-arginine, it can help boost testosterone and also cure erectile dysfunction in men. As a matter of fact, after 3 months of using both pine bark extract and l-arginine 45% of the subjects were able to have normal erections.

However, there’s not much evidence to suggest that pine bark extract can bolster testosterone on its own. Having said that, it can be highly effective when combined with other natural t-boosters like D-aspartic acid or L-arginine.


12. Garlic

This one is easiest to find and all you have do is just head towards your kitchen. Garlic is a powerful testosterone booster and you can easily add it to your dishes, making them tasty as well as effective for raising testosterone.

Another important benefit of garlic is that it helps unclog arteries. This is great for increasing blood circulation in your body and to the genitals resulting in improved libido and harder erections.

So, don’t forget to include this natural testosterone booster in your daily diet.


Why Opt for Natural Testosterone Supplements?

Even though all of these herbs are highly effective at increasing testosterone, it’s not possible for you to have each and every one of them to get the results. It’s really hard to source such herbs while still fresh. It’s important to note that most of them lose their effectiveness either when they get stale or are not taken in the required quantity.

In such a case, it’s better to opt for a supplement that consists of such herbs in various combinations to ensure maximum results and is easy to consume as well.

Now again, there are many supplements and each of them boasts of incredible results. However, the key is to check out the ingredients and the actual user reviews to find out if the product actually works or not.

As per these parameters, Testogen appears to be one of the best natural testosterone supplements that consists of powerful herbal and organic ingredients and has been getting awesome user reviews too.



Can free testosterone be increased?
Yes, free testosterone can be increased and the best part is that there are certain natural ways to do so. Exercise, certain changes in diet and some natural supplements can be a massive help in increasing free testosterone in your body.
What is the best natural testosterone supplement for men?
Though there are many supplements that boast of increasing testosterone, it is just a few that are good, effective and safe. One of the top-rated supplements is Testogen that has been getting awesome user reviews.



Herbs and plant extracts can provide amazing health benefits and they have been used for centuries to cure various ailments. When it comes to enhancing testosterone, its always better to adopt a natural approach rather than opt for TRT or testosterone replacement.

Regular strength training and little changes in your diet coupled with a good natural testosterone supplement is the best approach to bolster testosterone in your body.

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