Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding

“Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding after the death of Andy Haman”, the headline is self-explanatory since it stresses on the fact that Jordan Peters was so highly affected by the death of his role model and mentor that he decided to call it quits as far as competitive bodybuilding is concerned.

For those who are already not aware of who he is, Jordan Peters is an NABBA Pro Bodybuilder with a massive online following. On March 28th, 2021, he announced to the world that he is quitting competitive bodybuilding, leaving his fans and followers shocked beyond words.

Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding

This announcement comes in the wake of the death of Andy Haman. It is important to note here that Peters was greatly influenced by Andy and considered him to be his role model and mentor. It is known that Haman died of pulmonary embolism after his elbow surgery on March 9th. Even though there is no evidence that he died because of steroid use or abuse, it is speculated that rampant use of steroids sort of weakened his system including his cardiac system resulting in his early death.

It is a sad and unfortunate fact that competitive bodybuilders are deep into steroids these days and the use of such steroids is so massive that it begins affecting their health sooner or later, even resulting in premature death. Check out bodybuilders who died early because of steroid use.

Furthermore, Peters is known to have mentioned the death of IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe in April 2020 as another factor in his quitting the competition scene that is marred by overuse of drugs and steroids.

If you are aware of his past record, Peters has been quite honest and transparent about his steroid use. As a matter of fact, a large part of his fan following on social handles is due to his candid discussion about he has been able to put on so much mass and maintain it as well.

It should be noted that most bodybuilders like to remain discreet about their steroid use but Peters has been a refreshing change since he has been open about his steroids history. (Sadly, there are just a few guys like Rob Riches who pride themselves on being natural or natty.)

The recent spate of deaths within the bodybuilding circles, including that of Dallas McCarver in 2017 has been one of the deciding factors in Peters trying to cut back on steroid use. In one of his posts, he is known to have stated that he will stop using Trenbolone and other anabolics and would instead opt for a mild TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) program.

I would like to reiterate that Trenbolone is the most powerful steroid and it can have very severe side effects. Read out more on Tren Cycle (as well as its safe alternatives) here.

In one of his Instagram posts, he is known to have said that he really hates injecting himself steroids and that even though he has become massive in terms of size, he feels unhealthy after his current mass routine.

Here’s an extract from his recent Insta post:

This last week or so Corinne and I have been talking lots just about the direction of things for me and I have been talking about it more and more of late in regards to wanting to shut down the drug use and see what I can do and how I can look on a trt dose. I was going to keep pushing this whole year but honestly I’m hating injecting, I’m hating being this body weight and I’m just not feeling good !


When a Mass Monster like Jordan Peters quits competitive bodybuilding, it’s time other bodybuilders take notice of the damaging effects of steroids on their bodies. They must pay heed to the underlying danger of using steroids and try to be as clean as possible.

Arnold said, “I want bodybuilding to remain a clean sport”. Even though everyone knows that present-day bodybuilders are deep into this shit, there is still hope when guys like Peters come out and talk of quitting steroids.

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