Did Jake Gyllenhaal Use Steroids for Southpaw?

There is no denying that Jake Gyllenhaal looked absolutely ripped in his movie Southpaw. His transition from the lean Night Crawler, to his beast body in his very next film was nothing short of marvelous. He had lost 30 lbs for Night Crawler, gained those 30 lbs that he lost and an additional 15 lbs for Southpaw in a margin of just six months. This has raised speculations among the celebrity’s followers of whether he was taking some additional help, which brings us to the real question… Did Jake Gyllenhaal use steroids to get so ripped?

Here, you can also find out more about how to spot a fake natty by comparing steroids with natural bodybuilding in detail.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal use Steroids for Southpaw?

Did Jake Gyllenhaal Use Steroids for Southpaw?

And an even more important question is – Is it possible to get such a transformation in such a short period of time?

The answer is, yes. If you are willing to drop the baggage, work as hard and discipline yourself like Jake Gyllenhaal, you will not only look great but also feel great.

So what did Mr. Jake use to turn from a petty thief to such a handsome beast in the Southpaw?

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Gyllenhaal’s Diet for Southpaw

Gyllenhaal’s diet was aimed at gaining muscle and losing fat to attain the shredded look. In order to make his muscles prominent, he had to add loads of protein to his diet. It should be presumed that building muscle and strength is simply not possible without improving the diet since he had to cope with hard training routines.

Not doing so, would have resulted in a burnout, taking up more than his body could handle. To cope with his intense workout routines, he also had to take additional supplements in the form of vitamins and protein powders.

He had six meals a day, which proved effective because eating frequently with precise breaks in between, increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories in less time. His meals consisted of protein-rich elements such as egg, fish, chicken, and other protein-rich foods.

He also enjoyed leisure foods that were easy on the taste buds, from time to time which included chipotle, pasta, and burrito bowls. This allowed him to enjoy his journey of transformation while doing the necessary hard work.

The focus of his diet was on keeping things natural, which included fruits, vegetables and lean meat, and the occasional carbohydrates.

Things that were a consistent part of Gyllenhaal diet:

  • Eggs, fish and chicken- rich sources of protein and vitamin D
  • Goji berries, bananas, apples- provide fiber, natural vitamins and minerals
  • Raisins, almonds, and cocoa- sources of good fat and protein, necessary for energy and muscle building
  • Vegetables- rich in iron and fiber, Gyllenhaal ate them cooked as well as raw, including broccoli, lettuce, spinach, avocados, and tomatoes
  • Rye bread, potatoes, pasta, and couscous were carbohydrates that Gyllenhaal had frequently.
  • Supplements of vitamin C and D, as well as protein shakes

Contrary to common belief, potatoes are actually filled with potassium and vitamin C. Having carbohydrates in a healthy amount and making them a part of your daily diet is essential as they are the preferred source of energy for your body.

Carbohydrates are the nutrients that are hydrolyzed during your vigorous exercise routine and provide an instant source of energy for your body.

Couscous is the ultimate carbohydrate that is sugar and fat-free. It is also loaded with selenium that is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and prevents mental decline.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal use Steroids for Southpaw?

Gyllenhaal Southpaw workout routine

To achieve the body Gyllenhaal had in southpaw, he had to build muscle mass and reduce the fat over his muscles to make them more prominent. His workout routines mainly consisted of strength training exercises and cardio that boosted his heart rate, helping to increase his metabolism.

To embrace his role as a boxer, he had to train himself in the sleek and fast, fighter movements, meaning he had to incorporate boxing exercises into his training routines. Before having breakfast he ran eight miles and did 1000 sit-ups.

He used to work out twice a day, each session being 2-3 hours long. His first workout session started after breakfast, which mainly included boxing and sparring, followed by a one-hour core workout routine.

After having his post work out protein shake and a well-deserved break, he entered his cardio session, head-on. Of course, those heavy muscles weren’t only the work of cardio routines, so he also did an hour of strength training before dinner. He did a thousand sit-ups before he went to bed, hence, those muscular abs. His total workout routine was almost six hours long!

It is easy to pass an amateur statement, that it is no way possible for someone to build a body like that, in a time period of just six months, without knowing the underlying effort, pain and discipline behind it.

Was it steroids, or all-natural?

For someone who takes steroids, the symptoms are pretty obvious to those who know what they are looking for.

The most apparent change to onlookers while taking steroids is a drastic transformation in muscle mass. If Jake was taking steroids, then he wouldn’t have gained only 20 lbs. He would have gained twice as much muscle mass, appearing massive and bloated in the process.

Some of the side effects of taking steroids also include dryness, acne and increased blood flow to the skin, making it appear flushed and red (associated with high blood pressure). Jake shows neither of such symptoms, and there is no drastic change in his body mass, where he appears more muscular and ripped due to the development of natural muscles and cut down of fat through his vigorous workout routines.

Another sign of taking steroids is that your muscles appear “fat”, especially in your abdomen area. This is the only sign that may entail Jake was using steroids as he has very thick abs in Southpaw. However, if you are doing 2000 sit-ups each day, consistently, for six months, then there is no wonder you’ll get abs like Jake Gyllenhaal should you build the endurance and discipline.

How To Get a Ripped Body?

Your goal shouldn’t be to build a body like Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw, rather to build your body in its best possible form. Also, don’t be quick to begin with the mentioned workout routines or diet, as these were recommended and closely monitored by professionals according to Jake’s body and whether he could take it or not.

Being a professional actor, Jake’s training was part of his job, to truly embrace the role of a boxer. This meant that alongside his hardcore training, Jake was taking the necessary rest and sleep, to ensure his body was in the best condition to continue his training without resulting in a burnout.

Most of us aren’t professional actors or trainers and therefore don’t have the time to spend six hours at the gym. Even if we did, we might not have the fitness or endurance level to take such an intense workout routine, head-on. If we do start without advice or supervision of an expert and zero training behind, this could result in serious injury.

The intake of supplements should be taken in a balanced dose. The overindulgence of proteins and vitamins, particularly in supplement form, can result in toxicity in the body, especially if you’re not training as much. Always take advice from experts or professionals before starting such a regime and adding supplements into your daily diet.

You might not be able to start with six hours a day, but you can start with one. You might not be able to achieve that ripped abdomen in six months, but you will in one year.

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Jack Gyllenhaal is more likely to be natural but it is a given that he would have taken natural supplements along with a proper diet and an intense workout routine. If you too are interested in getting ripped and shredded, I would recommend that you try the Shred Stack from JuicedUpp mentioned above.

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