Zac Efron Steroids – Did Zac Use Gear for Baywatch?

You watch Baywatch and can’t stop wondering if Zac Efron is using steroids. It happens to be one of the first thoughts that come to your mind watching him all beefed up with the strength to match that of The Rock!

Bodybuilding seems to have gone through so many changes and it now seems almost impossible for an average guy to bulk up without juicing. As matter of fact, there’s a need to stress the fact that you can still build a good body with massive muscle while being all-natural rather than using gear and exposing yourself to a whole lot of dangerous and harmful side effects.

The only issue with natural bodybuilding is that it happens to be slow or rather painstakingly slow but the gains stay with you for a longer time even when you take a break or stop training.

And most guys these days do not have enough patience and they start taking gear to speed up things, which is rather unfortunate.

Steroids really speed up things.

And when I am talking of speed, I am talking of weeks as opposed to months or even years. No wonder, everyone seems to be hell-bent on taking the speedier and shorter route to get a massive physique.

Zan Effron is one guy who is almost always suspected of having used steroids.

He’s the same skinny guy everyone loved in High School Musical.

If you see his history, he has almost always been in good shape. It’s easy to understand that if you play a teenage heartthrob you need to sport a perfect set of ripped and shredded abs.

And quite recently, he is known to have shared screen space with none other than The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, the real hulk of Hollywood.

Yep! I am talking about the movie Baywatch.

Working with Dwayne is like working with a tower that stands tall at 6 ft 4 and almost everyone was expecting Zac to look like a dwarf on screen. However, it clearly was not the case.

Surprisingly enough, Zac was able to able to hold on to himself and looked great beside The Rock!

Let’s get back to the original question – Did Zac use steroids or not?

But before that, I would like to put a legal disclaimer here…

A Legal Disclaimer

Before we get any further, let me state very clearly that this article is purely based on speculation. I have no proof whatsoever that Zan Efron used steroids.

I, or this site, is in no way associated with Zac and we can never be sure if he is a natural or not.

However, I have tried to arrive at a conclusion by putting together certain pieces of the puzzle.

Zac Efron Steroids

Who is Zac Efron?

Let’s begin with a small introduction…

Zan Efron happens to be one of the most popular Hollywood stars right now with a massive fan following.

More than a decade ago, he feature in the hit High School Musical and became a sensation among teenage girls with his drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Back then, he was in pretty good shape with a good six-pack.

From there on, he progressed to better and meatier roles, both comic and adult.

I must say that Zac is pretty darn good in comic roles. You have to watch him, if you already haven’t, in Bad Neighbours with Seth Rogen and in Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro.

As Zac turned towards more adult roles, he started working on his body to get more muscular and he was able to get a body that can make heads turn in Baywatch, giving rise to speculation that he was using gear to put on muscle and that too high-quality lean muscle mass.

Zac Efron’s physique

Let’s compare Zac’s body in High School with the one that he had in Baywatch. I must say that he was required to have the looks and the body that teenage girls would swoon over.

It must be understood that young generally do not obsess over guys with huge muscles. As a matter of fact, most of them find professional bodybuilders with massive muscles rather repulsive instead of being attractive. I guess their perception changes with age.

However, what they actually find appealing is men that have trim bodies with a perfect set of six-pack abs and this is exactly what Zac gave them in the High School Musical.

And of course, at that point in time, there was no question of anyone suspecting him of using steroids because he was neither huge nor excessively ripped.

Zac Efron Steroids

But as time went over, Zac moved on and with growing age, he started bulking up to play the parts that he was required to in certain movies (not as a teenager but as a grown-up man). And he must be given the credit of training hard and taking care of diet to look good with some decent muscle mass.

It was obvious that he was no longer the skinny guy with a six-pack in his later appearances. 

Till this point, it was pretty evident that he was a natural and that he not juicing. Simply put, there was no evidence of him using any steroids.

And then came along BAYWATCH!

Once it did, everybody seems to have been taken aback by his muscle growth. It was quite obvious that he alleged of having used gear to bulk up so fast.

Zac in Baywatch

Baywatch is a movie based on a TV serial of the same name that was aired sometime in the 1990s. The serial was a massive hit and was based upon the stories related to lifeguards who would often run around on the beach in their swimwear, saving people facing various dangers and issues at sea.

It goes without saying that all these lifeguards showed off their bodies and I must mention that they were all quite muscular, toned, and conditioned.

In the movie Baywatch, The Rock – Dwayne Johnson was cast in the lead role and Zac played his co-star.

Now, this is was obvious that he had to build a good body with impressive muscles in order to look good with Dwayne. You must not forget that the Rock stands tall at 6 ft 4 and he weighs in around 250-260 pounds, not to mention this guy is almost all rock-solid muscle. The great part is that he seems to have been in shape for so many years now. And now that he is in his 40s, he seems to look better than what he looked in his 20s and 30s.

Having said that, you must not forget that the Rock himself has been suspected of having used steroids in the past.

When the news came up that Zac is going to be cast along with him in Baywatch everyone expected Zac to look thin, frail, and weak in front of him. What shocked the world, however, was that Zan looked good and beefed up when the trailer was released.

It was but obvious that people started suspecting him of having used gear to bulk up with solid muscle so fast and quick.

Zan not only looked shredded but also seems to have gained at least 20-30 pounds of iron-hard muscle!

As a matter of fact, the Rock went ahead to say that Zac made him look bad with his 12-pack Abs!

It was revealed that the two often trained together for this movie.

You must not forget that the Rock is someone who has trained for years and he has some great experience. Not just this, he is known to have trained with some of the best instructors in the world, including George Farrah and Hany “The ProCreator” Rambod. Now, this clearly means that he knows more about technique and form when building muscle than most of the people around.

It is also known that he helped Hugh Jackman get a perfectly ripped body for playing his part in the Wolverine. And as the story goes, he helped Zac to beef up for Baywatch.

When you see the movie you find that Zac, in spite of being a couple of inches shorter than the Rock held on to himself.

But the big question is, Was he completely natural or was it all gear? Is he a natural like Mark Wahlberg , Chris Evans (Captain America) and Anthony Joshua, or like Tom Hardy who is suspected of having taken steroids?

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Is Zac Efron On Steroids?

Let’s get into this allegation and find out what could be the truth. Here, I would like to reiterate again that I have no proof that Zac ever used steroids and that all this is pure speculation.


To begin with, I must say that Zac literally transformed his body for Baywatch gaining 20-30 lbs of muscle in a matter of months. Not just that, he looked seriously ripped and shredded with an amazing set of abs.

Now, this does not seem possible naturally, without taking any help. Why I say this is because it takes years and years of training to get a body like that and all that it took Zac was just a couple of months.

Even if you are backed with an incredible instructor and amazing genetics, building a body like this may require a whole lot more time than a couple of months.

Anybody who has ever been to a gym can actually deduce that.

Zac Efron Steroids

He Trained with The Rock

It goes without saying that the Rock is one guy who has an amazing body in Hollywood and he looks like he kills weight in the gym every night.

Training with him certainly has an advantage since he can teach you a couple of tricks that can speed up muscle growth and improve definition as well.

Now, it is common knowledge that Zac trained with The Rock for his art in Baywatch and that this must have helped him a great deal.

Nothing here suggests of steroid use or abuse, though!

Zac Built Muscle And Burned Fat

If you look at Zac and his body, you would naturally deduce that he has never been fat. As a matter of fact, this guy looks like he was born with a six-pack!

Now, you must understand that when you try to bulk up with muscle, you need to be in a caloric surplus so that your body gets enough nutrition to recover from intense training sessions and to grow your muscles in size.

This often leads to excess body fat. This is precisely the reason that most bodybuilders bulk up first and then start with a cutting cycle to get ripped and shredded muscle.

Zac’s case has been somewhat different, however.

He seems to have gained ultra-lean muscle mass right from the beginning. Now, this is possible only when you use a steroid such as Tren that is good for bulking, cutting, as well as conditioning.

His face aged

If you google Zac, you would find that he is 33 years of age. However, in Baywatch, he looks older than his years. It would not be wrong to say that he looked somewhere close to 40.

What it means is that his face seems to have aged and that could be a sign of steroid use.

I must mention here that certain anabolic steroids are known to reduce collagen in your skin, making it lose its elasticity as well as plumpness. This obviously, makes your skin more prone to lines and wrinkles.

If you observe him closely, Zac looked more like a man rather than someone who has recently got out of college.

Changes in his Jawline

Yet another common side effect associated with steroids or rather HGH or growth hormone is that it can lead to a square jaw.

You must not forget that bodybuilders often team up steroids with HGH to create an anabolic environment in their bodies.

Now, HGH interfered with hormonal production in your body and can cause the jaw to look wider and blockier.

It’s hard to miss that Zac’s jaw looked somewhat blockier in Baywatch. You can certainly check the images and stills from the movie right now to see what I mean and imply.

Increased body hair

If you see some of his earlier pics, you will find that Zac did not have much body hair. You can clearly make out that without shaving he had little hair on his torso.

However, things look different in Baywatch. He looks way more hairier than he did a couple of years back and this seems to be a side effect of using steroids.

This increase in body hair is suggestive of steroid use, particularly testosterone-e, which is known to increase the growth of body hair in men.

So, it is possible that he might have used steroids to gain all that muscle in Baywatch.

No visible side-effects

Steroids can lead to a whole lot of side effects and some of the most common and visible signs of steroid use include acne, hair loss, gynecomastia or man boobs, etc.

However, Zac looked pretty clean and free of such side effects in the flick, Baywatch.

For sure, there were no signs of acne and he seemed to have great-looking, flawless skin. Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be any hair loss either.

Last but not the least, Zac’s pecs looked perfectly normal and there was no sign of gyno!

What it means is that it is possible that he could be a complete natural who must have bulked up without taking steroids. Yep! And I am saying that despite all the information provided above.

So, is Zac Efron Natural or Not?

So, is Zac Efron Natural or Not

Based on the facts mentioned above, I must say that it is quite possible that Zac might have used steroids. The growth spurt that he experienced within a few months is not possible without any help. 

Though I cannot be sure of this, his quick muscle gains, excessive body hair, and a change in his jawline are suggestive of steroid use.

As a matter of fact, I guess you too would arrive at the same conclusion if you go by the changes in his appearance. This is unlike Christian Bale who is supposed to be a natural for his role in Batman Begins.

Hi, I am Nick Jenkins, the founder and Chief Editor of I am a passionate bodybuilder with 15 years of experience. I have also worked as a gym instructor for 8 years now and have extensive experience in both bodybuilding and weight loss. When I am not in the gym I loves spending time with my lovely wife and kids aged 7 and 4.