Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids for Wolverine?

I can surely claim; whoever watched “The Wolverine” in 2013, couldn’t take their eyes off from tall and charming Hugh Jackman, having a great body with high muscle definition, grotesque veins, and of course; a chiseled chest!

But who knew, after presenting this type of body on-screen, Hugh Jackman will be facing a flood of questions like “Did Hugh Jackman use steroids for wolverine?” and critics.

Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids

Being a public figure; the actor denied that he isn’t on any kind of steroids. But we all know, what happens behind the scene.

After doing a little bit of research and digging more into his before and after pictures; I encountered some tell-tale signs and concluded that he might be on steroids.

Keep reading to know why I think so.

Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids for Wolverine?

If you look at his appearance in 2000, you’ll see a little bit of fat residing around his waist, while his arms, chest, and legs being very skinny. Fast forward to 2013; if you look at his pictures of 2013, you’ll see a lot of vascularity and he looked ridiculously lean with a very low percentage of body fat.

Another thing that triggers my mind is his skin. People who consume steroids would agree that thin skin is a consequence of taking steroids. This is because the consumption of steroids decreases collagen levels making veins more visible.

The cherry-red skin color in “Days of Future Past” is another reason that makes me believe that Hugh Jackman is for sure on steroids or perhaps Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is recognized for turning the skin red or pinkish due to the stimulated nervous system, causing blood pressure and body temperature to increase.

It is a known fact that Clenbuterol works by raising your body’s temperature and by doing so it is likely to make your skin appear pinkish or cherry red in color and this is what gives away Hugh Jackman’s secret.

Did Hugh Jackman Use Steroids

What is Clenbuterol?

For people who do not know what is Clenbuterol; it is a duplicate of a steroid, owing steroid-like effects, but not exactly a steroid. It falls under the category of sympathomimetic amine. The fair purpose of using it is to treat bronchodilators, breathing problems, and decongestants.

However, with time, it found its way into the weight loss circles and a Clenbuterol Cycle is now being extensively used by both gym-goers and fitness freaks to lose weight and excess body fat. As a matter of fact, a lot of celebs are also known to use this drug for weight loss. Size Zero Pill is a nickname used to describe this pill.

How Does Clenbuterol Work?

It works by triggering your central nervous system, causing your body’s overall temperature to rise. When the temperature rises, your body works to optimize the overall temperature. During this process, your body loses many calories, causing intense weight cut-down. For this reason, people label it as a “Powerful” method to lose weight.

But just like steroid isn’t appreciated to use; likewise Clenbuterol comes with side effects and is discouraged to use. Moreover, it is illegal to use Clen in many countries across the world, including the US and the UK.

Did Hugh Jackman Lose Weight only Because of Steroids/ Clenbuterol?

Well, it will be unjustified to say that Hugh Jackman came up with a mind-blowing and incredibly impressive physique, ONLY by consuming Steroids/ Clenbuterol. No, his body was an outcome of hard work, a strict diet, and workouts. Keep reading to find out more.


Hugh Jackman adopted a diet called 16/8 fasting. This means, 8 hours of eating, and 16 hours of fasting. Even though it sounds very simple, things are not that easy in reality.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite tough to starve for 16 hours at a stretch.

Here is a breakdown of Hugh’s diet plan:

Breakfast: 1 portion of oatmeal, complemented with a protein shake,

Next Meal: Slow carbs comprising of meat/fish,

Last Meal: Consuming vegetables and carbohydrates only.

During intervals, he had gym and training sessions, to keep him fit and stay in a shape.


Here is how Hugh’s Jackman training regimen looks like:

Before you slide into reading Hugh Jackman’s training schedule, please bear in mind that everyone has a different physique and genetics. The response to each workout will vary from one person to another.

Monday: triceps and chest,

Tuesday: legs,

Thursday: biceps and back,

Friday: abs and shoulders

However, the schedule shuffled a little to not make the body used to the same routine; instead, it was shuffled to give a shock in order to keep it active and responsive.

Do you know, Hugh Jackman never missed out on his workout? Also, he favored working out on days instead of nights because, in his opinion, he was more energetic and motivated in the daytime. Just by the way…

So, Do You Think Hugh Jackman Used Steroids For Wolverine?

If we analyze all facts and information available online; we can say that he might be on Clenbuterol for Wolverine. I landed at this conclusion by going through multiple facts and evidence.

However, his hard work cannot be neglected. Jackman followed a strict diet along with a challenging workout to obtain and maintain the smartest physique that makes everyone turn around their head and make their jaws drop.

The Verdict: Steroids – Maybe NOT! Clenbuterol – Maybe YES!

As I see the shreds of evidence and facts, I believe that Hugh Jackman was partially on Clenbuterol. However, we cannot be pretty sure about it. Clenbuterol does not have any visible side effects like steroids have, but a few of them were visible like skin thinning and vascularity.

On the contrary, it is also doubted that vascularity might be an outcome of the challenging workout and strict diet he followed for his Wolverine appearance. Also, if you compare his appearances in 2000 and 2013, the transformation is drastic.

But 13 years are enough to solely depend on diet and workout, and come up with a stunning physique.

As a closing thought, I would say that Hugh Jackman was certainly on Clenbuterol, due to evidence.

Another guy who is suspected of having used steroids is Chris Hemsworth. Find out if Chris took steroids for Thor or not by clicking here. You may even be interested in finding out if Zac Efron was using gear for Baywatch.

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Even though there is no strong proof that Hugh Jackman used Clenbuterol, his flushed skin and high vascularity indicate that he might have used it (much like Tom Hardy who is not supposed to be 100% clean of using performance enhancers or even Zac Efron, who seemed to have beefed up rather quickly for Baywatch). Even though Clenbuterol is a very powerful and thermogenic fat-burner, it is not recommended since it comes with severe side effects.

If you want to get as vascular and lean as the Wolverine, I would suggest that you opt for either of the two supplements mentioned above.

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