Did Michael Clarke Duncan Use Steroids for the Green Mile?

September 3, 2012 marked the untimely death of Michael Clarke Duncan and he was laid to rest with his his characteristic baritone voice and a huge body frame.

At 6’5 he towered most people around him and looked amazingly huge especially in the movie The Green Mile. 

Did Michael Clarke Duncan Use Steroids for the Green Mile?

His imposing figure seems to dwarf even Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King. You just have to watch the visuals to find it out.

Bulging muscles can make a tall man look impressively big and there could be a lot of guys suspecting him of steroid use. This could also be true when you pass away suddenly of a massive heart attack. Bodybuilers who use steroids are often known to die of a sudden heart attack. Many young guys like Zizz are known to have passed away because of heavy steroid use.

How do bodybuilders get hooked to steroids?

The problem begins when you start a cycle as a beginner thinking you would never do another cycle. Once you are done with a steroid cycle, your thinking starts changing and those bulging muscles make you long for even more. You begin with something as basic as Dianabol and advance towards more potent steroids like Tren and Deca or even HGH.

The vicious cycle that you get indulged in makes you want more and more. Ultimately, you become a heavy user thinking that PCT or post cycle therapy is enough to mitigate all the side effects of a particular steroid.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even after you are done with PCT, there’s a very strong chance that your body will never get back to normal.

Playing with steroids comes with a lot of risks and one of the biggest ones is, of course, early death due to a sudden heart attack or cardiac complications.

What raises the suspicion that Michael Clarke Duncan used steroids?

First of all his, body transformation. You watch him in the movies Daredevil and The Green Mile and he just looks huge and I mean, really huge!

Another guy who could be accused of using steroids because of his huge size is the NBA star LeBron James.

But, here’s getting back to Michael Clarke Duncan…

Look, Micheal was always a huge man. For most of his life, he was more than 300 lbs. Since he was quite tall, you must consider the fact that taller guys especially find it really hard to do all that bulking. The reason behind that is simple – you have more ‘scaffolding’ to fill out in the first place and you bet, it isn’t that easy!

One movie that he particularly looked imposing was The Green Mile.

So, the question is – Did Michael Clarke Duncan use steroids for The Green Mile?

Let’s find out…

Did Michael Clark Duncan Use Steroids?

Let me begin by saying that Michale never admitted to using steroids.

Yep! He never said anything like that on record and I see no reason why he should have. All that we can say is pure assumption and nothing more. Now that he is no more nobody can ever be sure if he actually did steroids but circumstances can surely point us in the right direction.

One of a couple of things that make people question is that he died of a heart attack at a young age. Now, this is common knowledge that steroid use and often, abuse can put a lot of strain in the heart and it could definitely be a big pointer towards Michael having used steroids.

Having said that, it is important to point out that we have no evidence that he actually used steroids and that a heart attack could also stem from many other factors and health issues at play which are obviously not known to us.

He was a man of a huge frame. At 6 feet 5 and more than 300 pounds of body weight, his heart obviously needed to do a lot of work to pump blood throughout his body in order to maintain circulation.

But then again, you look at those imposing pictures of this man in movies like The Green Mile and the Daredevil and you ask yourself, How is it possible to be so muscular and huge without the use of steroids?

Duncan had bulging arms for his height and he seemed to have a very low percentage of body fat. Even though both of these would fall short of what a professional bodybuilder would have, the counter-argument is that it doesn’t seem possible without the use of steroids and maybe, even HGH!

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Size, Strength, and Workouts

Looking at his workouts can also raise a lot of questions because it is not every day that you see a guy benching more than 600 lbs. He was someone who would training with weights for more than an hour most of the days and also do cardio exercises for at least half an hour after he was done with his strength workout.

Now, one might say that professional bodybuilders are used to working out like that but then such bodybuilders also gorge on protein like anything. Duncan was to known have converted to a strict vegetarian after he joined the cause of PETA and it seems out of the ordinary for someone to get so much protein from a 100% vegetarian diet.

Now, again it can be said that he might have got enough protein from fish and whey!



What did Michael Clarke Duncan pass away from?
He is known to have died of a heart attack. Apparently, he had a heart attack at his home when his girlfriend was with him. She tried to do mouth to mouth and was able to revive him. Later he was admitted to the hospital and he passed away a few days later due to respiratory failure on 3rd September 2012.
Was Michael Clarke Duncan a vegetarian?
Initally he was not but he struggled with a lot of health issues and problems. Later in life, he got associated with PETA and turned vegetarian.
How did they make Michael Clarke Duncan so big in The Green Mile?
Apparently, different camera angles were used to make him appear taller than his costars in The Green Mile. As far as his big muscles are concerned, there’s suspicion that he used steroids to bulk up with muscle mass.



So, it can be said that the truth was actually lost with Duncan and that nobody would ever be able to say with surety whether he used steroids or not. Hypothetically, yes he did but if you look for evidence, there’s not much to support any such claim!


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